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zine::application::Zine Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The central application object.

Even though the :class:`Zine` class is a regular Python class, you
can't create instances by using the regular constructor.  The only
documented way to create this class is the :func:`make_zine`
function or by using one of the dispatchers created by :func:`make_app`.

Definition at line 585 of file application.py.

Public Member Functions

def __call__
def __init__
def __repr__
def add_absolute_url
def add_api
def add_config_var
def add_content_type
def add_feed_importer_extension
def add_importer
def add_middleware
def add_parser
def add_pingback_endpoint
def add_privilege
def add_servicepoint
def add_shared_exports
def add_template_filter
def add_template_global
def add_template_searchpath
def add_template_test
def add_theme
def add_url_rule
def add_view
def add_widget
def add_zeml_element_handler
def connect_event
def dispatch_request
def dispatch_wsgi
def get_page_metadata
def handle_internal_error
def handle_not_found
def handle_server_error
def list_parsers
def list_privileges
def setuponly
def wants_reload

Public Attributes


Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

list _setup_only = []

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