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00001 """

    This module implements various functions for validation of miscellaneous
    things, e.g. urls.

    TODO: convert most of the functions in this module into functions that
          raise `forms.ValidationError`\s.  They are used in hand validated
          forms currently which should be replaced by real forms soon.

    :copyright: (c) 2009 by the Zine Team, see AUTHORS for more details.
    :license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
import re
from urlparse import urlparse

from zine.i18n import lazy_gettext, _

_mail_re = re.compile(r'''(?xi)

00029 class ValidationError(ValueError):
    """Exception raised when invalid data is encountered."""

    def __init__(self, message):
        if not isinstance(message, (list, tuple)):
            messages = [message]
        # make all items in the list unicode (this also evaluates
        # lazy translations in there)
        messages = map(unicode, messages)
        Exception.__init__(self, messages[0])

        from zine.utils.forms import ErrorList
        self.messages = ErrorList(messages)

    def unpack(self, key=None):
        return {key: self.messages}

00047 def check(validator, value, *args, **kwargs):
    """Call a validator and return True if it's valid, False otherwise.
    The first argument is the validator, the second a value.  All other
    arguments are forwarded to the validator function.

    >>> check(is_valid_email, 'foo@bar.com')
        validator(*args, **kwargs)(None, value)
    except ValidationError:
        return False
    return True

00062 def is_valid_email(message=None):
    """Check if the string passed is a valid mail address.

    >>> check(is_valid_email, 'somebody@example.com')
    >>> check(is_valid_email, 'somebody AT example DOT com')
    >>> check(is_valid_email, 'some random string')

    Because e-mail validation is painfully complex we just check the first
    part of the email if it looks okay (comments are not handled!) and ignore
    the second.
    if message is None:
        message = lazy_gettext(u'You have to enter a valid e-mail address.')
    def validator(form, value):
        if len(value) > 250 or _mail_re.match(value) is None:
            raise ValidationError(message)
    return validator

00084 def is_valid_url(message=None):
    """Check if the string passed is a valid URL.  We also blacklist some
    url schemes like javascript for security reasons.

    >>> check(is_valid_url, 'http://pocoo.org/')
    >>> check(is_valid_url, 'http://zine.pocoo.org/archive')
    >>> check(is_valid_url, 'zine.pocoo.org/archive')
    >>> check(is_valid_url, 'javascript:alert("Zine rocks!");')
    if message is None:
        message = lazy_gettext(u'You have to enter a valid URL.')
    def validator(form, value):
        protocol = urlparse(value)[0]
        if not protocol or protocol == 'javascript':
            raise ValidationError(message)
    return validator

00106 def is_valid_slug(allow_slash=True):
    """Check if the value given is a valid slug:

    >>> check(is_valid_slug, '/foo')
    >>> check(is_valid_slug, 'foo/bar')
    def validator(form, value):
        if len(value) > 200:
            raise ValidationError(_(u'The slug is too long'))
        elif value.startswith('/'):
            raise ValidationError(_(u'The slug must not start with a slash'))
    return validator

00122 def is_netaddr():
    """Checks if the string given is a net address.  Either an IP or a
    hostname.  This currently does not support ipv6 (XXX!!)

    >>> check(is_netaddr, 'localhost')
    >>> check(is_netaddr, 'localhost:443')
    >>> check(is_netaddr, 'just something else')
    def validator(form, value):
        items = value.split()
        if len(items) > 1:
            raise ValidationError(_(u'You have to enter a valid net address.'))
        items = items[0].split(':')
        if len(items) not in (1, 2):
            raise ValidationError(_(u'You have to enter a valid net address.'))
        elif len(items) == 2 and not items[1].isdigit():
            raise ValidationError(_(u'The port has to be numeric'))
    return validator

00145 def is_valid_url_prefix():
    """Validates URL parts."""
    def validator(form, value):
        if '<' in value or '>' in value:
            raise ValidationError(_(u'Invalid character, < or > are not allowed.'))
        if value == '/':
            raise ValidationError(_(u'URL prefix must not be a sole slash.'))
        if value:
            if value[:1] != '/':
                raise ValidationError(_(u'URL prefix must start with a slash.'))
            if value[-1:] == '/':
                raise ValidationError(_(u'URL prefix must not end with a slash.'))
    return validator

00160 def is_not_whitespace_only():
    """Make sure the value does consist of at least one
    non-whitespace character"""
    def validator(form, value):
        if not value.strip():
            raise ValidationError(_(u'The text must not be empty.'))
    return validator

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