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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    This module provides the core widgets and functionality to build your
    own.  Widgets are, in the context of Zine, classes that have a
    unicode conversion function that renders a template into a string but
    have all their attributes attached to themselves.  This gives template
    designers the ability to change the general widget template but also
    render one widget differently.

    Additionally widgets could be moved around from the admin panel in the

    :copyright: (c) 2009 by the Zine Team, see AUTHORS for more details.
    :license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
from zine.application import render_template
from zine.models import Post, Category, Tag, Comment

00023 class Widget(object):
    """Baseclass for all the widgets out there!"""

    #: the name of the widget when called from a template.  This is also used
    #: if widgets are configured from the admin panel to have a unique
    #: identifier.
    name = None

    #: name of the template for this widget. Please prefix those template
    #: names with an underscore to mark it as partial. The widget is available
    #: in the template as `widget`.
    template = None

00036     def __unicode__(self):
        """Render the template."""
        return render_template(self.template, widget=self)

    def __str__(self):
        return unicode(self).encode('utf-8')

00044 class PostArchiveSummary(Widget):
    """Show the last n months/years/days with posts."""

    name = 'post_archive_summary'
    template = 'widgets/post_archive_summary.html'

    def __init__(self, detail='months', limit=6, show_title=False):
        self.__dict__.update(Post.query.get_archive_summary(detail, limit))
        self.show_title = show_title

00055 class LatestPosts(Widget):
    """Show the latest n posts."""

    name = 'latest_posts'
    template = 'widgets/latest_posts.html'

    def __init__(self, limit=5, show_title=False, content_types=None):
        if content_types is None:
            query = Post.query.for_index()
            query = Post.query.filter(Post.content_type.in_(content_types))
        self.posts = query.latest().limit(limit).all()
        self.show_title = show_title

00070 class LatestComments(Widget):
    """Show the latest n comments."""

    name = 'latest_comments'
    template = 'widgets/latest_comments.html'

    def __init__(self, limit=5, show_title=False, ignore_blocked=False):
        self.comments = Comment.query. \
        self.show_title = show_title

00082 class TagCloud(Widget):
    """Show a tagcloud."""

    name = 'tag_cloud'
    template = 'widgets/tag_cloud.html'

    def __init__(self, max=None, show_title=False):
        self.tags = Tag.query.get_cloud(max)
        self.show_title = show_title

00093 class CategoryList(Widget):
    """Show a list of all categories."""

    name = 'category_list'
    template = 'widgets/category_list.html'

    def __init__(self, show_title=False):
        self.categories = Category.query.all()
        self.show_title = show_title

00104 class IncludePage(Widget):
    """Includes a page."""

    name = 'include_page'
    template = 'widgets/include_page.html'

    def __init__(self, page_name, show_title=False):
        self.page_name = page_name
        self.page = Post.query.type('page').filter_by(slug=page_name).first()

    def exists(self):
        return self.page is not None

#: list of all core widgets
all_widgets = [PostArchiveSummary, LatestPosts, LatestComments, TagCloud,
               CategoryList, IncludePage]

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